Prof. Randy Mrsny

Gwenin - Applied Research in Chemistry and Public Health (ARCH)

Gwenin - Applied Research in Chemistry and Public Health (ARCH)

 Prof Randy Mrsny

Prof. Randy Mrsny

Professor, Department of Pharmacy and Pharmacology, University of Bath

Contact details

Telephone +44 (0) 1225 383358


Randall Mrsny obtained a BS degree in Biochemistry and Biophysics and a PhD degree in Anatomy and Cell Biology from the University of California at Davis undergraduate and medical school campuses, respectively. As an NIH post-doctoral fellowship he studies membrane lipid-protein interactions at the Institute of Molecular Biology located in the University of Oregon Eugene campus. Prior to taking Professors’ post in Cardiff University and now the University of Bath, Randy led research groups in two companies: ALZA and Genentech. He has been involved in starting two new biotech companies through the acquisition of venture capital funding. Randy has been elected president of an international society and organized international meeting. He currently serves as a reviewer or advisor for multiple international agencies and companies and is the Chief Scientific officer of the start-up Applied Molecular Transport.

Research Interests

The current research interest of the Mrsny Laboratory focuses on a variety of aspects of epithelial cell structure/function in health and disease. This work is supported through grants from governmental agencies and private foundations as well as through collaborative partnership with pharmaceutical companies.

Identification of molecules secreted by intestinal and airway epithelial cells which can control neutrophil and eosinophil transmigration. Identification of molecules that allow epithelial cells regulation to lymphocyte activation. Examine the role played by tight junction elements in controlling epithelial cells oncogenesis. Examine endogenous mechanisms that dynamically control tight junction opening and closing for drug delivery. Examine epithelial transcytosis mechanisms used by bacterial toxins for the delivery of biotherapeutics such as proteins, peptides, and siRNA through activities performed at the US company Applied Molecular Transport.

Presentation title:

Bacterial virulence factors for the oral delivery of protein and peptide biopharmaceuticals.


Oral delivery of protein and peptide therapeutics has been a long-sought goal of the pharmaceutical industry. While this route of delivery should increase the compliance of patients who must receive these biopharmaceuticals by subcutaneous injection, we have focused on the delivery of biopharmaceuticals that could specifically benefit from directly accessing the intestinal submucosa and/or the hepatic portal system. In order to achieve this goal we have identified endogenous transcytosis pathways used by specific bacterial virulence factors. Our studies have focused on the preparation and testing of chimeric materials composed of biopharmaceuticals connected to a minimal and non-toxic element of the bacterial virulence factor that can be used to co-opt the transcytosis pathway. Data that illuminates this pathway and proof of concept studies in vivo will be presented.

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Gwenin - Applied Research in Chemistry and Public Health (ARCH)

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Gwenin - Applied Research in Chemistry and Public Health (ARCH)


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