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pat ballPatrick Ball presented at the 2nd Annual Drug Discovery Congress of the Life Sciences Research Network Wales on the 3rd of December


Congratulations to Van, Jenny, Poornima, Pat and George on their publication to Biochemical Pharmacology – ‘Identification of novel Nitroreductases from Bacillus cereus and their interaction with the CB1954 prodrug’; which has just been accepted doi:10.1016/j.bcp.2015.09.013

Gwenin - Applied Research in Chemistry and Public Health (ARCH)

We have won funding to hold a Drug delivery workshop which we are going to host on the 6th and 7th of August 2015

This workshop is aimed to highlight the novel research that is taking place at the multidisciplinary drug delivery interface for therapeutics. Drug delivery is of paramount importance for the effective use of novel therapeutic drugs; as such this meeting will bring together researchers from across Wales to both present their research and meet global researchers in the field. Click here for more details.

Gwenin - Applied Research in Chemistry and Public Health (ARCH)


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Applied Research in Chemistry and Public Health (ARCH)


News: November 2017

Dr Robert Hobbs was invited to present at the Academic Grand Round held at Ysbty Gwynedd on 10th November.

health board

News: October 2017

New clinical health board links have been formedNWCRC

News: September 2017


The biosensors workshop speakers helping to form a new network