Team members – Max Critchlow

Graduate students:


Max Critchlow

Max started at Bangor University in 2016 with the purpose to acquire a Masters of Chemistry in the summer of 2020. As part of his third-year project, Max was part of the Al-Dulayymi group where he was tasked with the synthesis of an enantiomerically pure mycolic acid motif unit for its application in research with mycobacterium tuberculosis. In his fourth year, Max is exploring directed enzyme prodrug therapy as a method of cancer treatment and how cell-penetrating peptides can be an effective tool to improve cellular uptake. This research is being done within the Gwenin group and has the opportunity to develop this further with the application of gold-coated nano-particles, establishing Max’s PhD research for 2020 into the area of drug delivery.

2020 – Masters of Chemistry, First Class (Hons) in Chemistry, Bangor University

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