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Robert John Hobbs

Rob studied at Bangor University where in December 2015 he was awarded a Ph.D. in chemistry. The thesis was titled ‘A universal magnetic carrier for use in cancer prodrug therapy’ and the viva voce was examined by Dr. Peter Searle (Birmingham University). After a brief period of postdoctoral research with Dr Chris Gwenin’s ARCH group studying a novel drug delivery system, Rob began postdoctoral research for Prof. Peter Holliman. The focus of this work was on emerging photovoltaic materials and energy-related devices. Rob re-joined the ARCH group as a research officer to work on the toxicological NRN life science funded project. The main focus of the work was to study the nanoparticle toxicity of the novel drug delivery system. Rob has a wide range of skills in the life sciences research area, but also in electrochemistry and PV research. Rob is now a Research & Development Innovation Officer on the CALIN project and is working closely with SME partners. In addition to this Rob is currently undertaking the PGCertHE course with the view to obtaining HEA Fellow status. Rob has a keen interest in health & safety and laboratory management.


Phone: 01248 382035

2015 – Ph.D. Chemistry, Bangor University, UK2011 – M.Sc. (Merit): Analytical Chemistry, Bangor University, UK2010 – B.Sc. (Hons): Chemistry, Bangor University, UK

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Gwenin - Applied Research in Chemistry and Public Health (ARCH)

School of Chemistry, Bangor University, Bangor, Gwynedd, LL57 2UW, UK

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Applied Research in Chemistry and Public Health (ARCH)


News: February 2018

Alice makes the news!!!

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News: January 2018

We have another postdoc post available please see our jobs and opportunities page


News: December 2017

Gwenin - Applied Research in Chemistry and Public Health (ARCH)Dr Robert Hobbs will be attending the UK HealthTech conference delivered by Mediwales that will be held in Cardiff on 5th December. It is hoped that new valuable links and collaborations can be formed at the event for the both the ARCH research group and CALIN. The event promises to provide the latest insights and strategic trends for both the life science and health technology communities.

News: November 2017

Dr Robert Hobbs was invited to present at the Academic Grand Round held at Ysbty Gwynedd on 10th November.

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