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June 2020

A fully-funded PhD is available in the area of biochemistry please email if you’re interested

June 2020


XJTLU Chemistry makes the news!

May 2020

The first contracted day in XJTLU begins – whilst I’m locked down in the UK

April 2020

Bangor University has offered facilities for large scale support for COVID-19 testing for the NHS in our laboratories.

March 2020

CoronavirusBangor labs have now closed and the team are working from home please bear with us!

March 2020

Two fully-funded PhDs are available please email me for details

March 2020

Chris sets out to form his first Chinese research groupCDG xjtlu

Past News:

February 2020

€5 million of additional funding announced for Ireland-Wales innovation project that is driving life science sector growth across the two countries


The Celtic Advanced Life Science Innovation Network (CALIN), which is supported by the European Regional Development Fund through the Ireland Wales Cooperation programme, was established in 2016 and supports research and development in life science SMEs in West Wales and East and South Ireland.

So far, the CALIN project has assisted more than 100 companies and established 36 short and medium-term collaborative projects. The cross-border initiative teams a Welsh and Irish university with an SME to deliver developments in the life sciences, which lead to new life science products being launched onto the market.

CALIN support has led to more than 5 million euros of R&D investment from businesses and the creation of 20 new jobs.

In keynote addresses at Swansea University’s Collaborate 2020 conference, CALIN directors Prof Shareen Doak and Prof Steve Conlan announced that the project had been awarded the additional funding and will now continue until 2023.

Prof Conlan said: “The additional funding will enable the CALIN Partners to continue to drive research and development within life science SMEs across Wales and Ireland.”

Prof Doak added: “The CALIN approach to innovation is not only delivering tangible results for SMEs in Ireland and Wales but also establishing sustainable partnerships between business and academia in the two countries that will ensure continued sector growth for the foreseeable future.”

Counsel General and Brexit Minister Jeremy Miles, who is responsible for EU funding in Wales, said: “We’ve already seen how successful the CALIN project has been in bringing top academics from Wales and Ireland together with businesses to help develop new life science products. This is so important, not only to the economy, but in jointly developing ground-breaking, world-class products to launch to the market, creating jobs and business opportunities on both sides of the Irish Sea.

“I’m delighted to see this funding extended until 2023. Wales-Ireland collaborative projects are widening our understanding in so many vital areas. This project is another practical example of the close and productive research relationship between Wales and Ireland. It shows our nations collaborating to take real action to respond to real issues, supporting innovation and growth and making the most of creative solutions.

“We greatly value our research collaborations with Irish partners and look forward to building further success together.”

Want to find out more about the CALIN project? Visit us at

Are you an SME involved in the life science sector in Wales or Ireland? If you would like to be part of the growing number of businesses that have benefited from the expertise of the CALIN network, we would welcome your interest. Please get in touch.

towerDr. Gwenin leaves Bangor

I have thoroughly enjoyed my 15 years in a full-time capacity working for Bangor, but I feel it is time for a change. This is not a decision I have taken lightly and is one I have come to after much deliberation.  I will always be grateful for the opportunities Bangor has provided throughout my career but it’s time to spread my wings.

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